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The importance of acoustics in the office environment


It is easy to underestimate the effect of acoustics on the office environment. If you get this right though, it can have a positive impact on productivity.


Imagine trying to work in a space where you can hear a mug being put down over the other side of the office! This sounds extreme but is exactly the challenge we had with one of our recent clients. The poor office acoustics were distracting the workforce from their jobs and, let’s face it, were quite annoying!

In solving acoustic challenges our aim is to ensure that annoying and distracting sounds fade into the background.

Sound Levels

 What can be done?

The aim is not for a completely silent office (we would not recommend sound-proofing) – this would be unrealistic, and silence can sometimes be as distracting as loud noise. The ideal noise level is 50 – 60 decibels (the sound level of a normal conversation)

Options for achieving this are:

  • Ceiling & wall panels – these can deaden the noise as the sound wave hits it. Please contact us for an appointment to discuss your exact requirements
  • Distraction techniques – a gentle murmur of crowd noise can be fed into the office through speakers above a ceiling grid – the volume can be gradually increased until it reaches the optimum level
  • Acoustic underlay - can help to absorb sound waves. Our colleagues at Meridian Interiors are the people to talk to for advice on this.
  • Screens – these can be used between desks and around noisy equipment such as printers to reduce the distracting noises.


At Meridian we use our wealth of experience to offer advice on the best solution for your offices, to make your business a pleasant and productive place to work.

These floor standing screens have acoustic properties to aid sound absorption and come in a variety of colours and styles to suit any office.



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