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The art of good office design and space planning

When designing an office, it’s important to consider aesthetics as well as functionality. Before you can create the perfect space, you need to focus on a few key factors like space planning, furniture size, colours, meeting areas to maximise the room’s potential. Here are top four tips to helping you master the art of good office design:

Office design and planning

Carefully selecting the right furniture can make all the difference to an office space. A company must balance out how much space they want vs. how much space they need. This will help when it comes to choosing the correct furniture. Desk storage like the Pull-out Office Cupboard by Narbutas comes in different finishes and sizes, helping save space. Allocating hot desks can be a great way of optimising how many workstations you need in today’s fast-paced working environments.

Balance of colour

Colour can also have psychological impacts on staff. For example, green promotes balance and peacefulness, whereas red creates alertness and grabs attention. So it’s imperative to use the correct colours in the correct spaces, helping staff productivity and wellbeing. Brand colouring can also make people feel part of a team, improving belonging. A good way of utilising this is by using chairs, screens and decoration that bring out company branding in your office.

Size vs. practicality

Size matters! Choosing the right furniture to maximise your workspace is critical in maintaining the ambiance of the room. Oversized furniture in a small space will make the room appear cluttered. While small furniture has the opposite effect, making the room feel empty and lifeless. Fortunately, we’ve got a diverse range of furniture that comes in all shapes and sizes, helping you find the perfect match!

Offices and meeting areas

In a workspace it’s essential for employees to have the option of closed and open spaces. Sometimes it will be essential for individuals to work in a quiet private area, this can be because of confidential information as well as through choice. While other times you may need meeting rooms for people to bring ideas together for larger scale projects and conferences. These spaces can be installed quickly and easily with the use of partitioning.

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