Quality office furniture – standing desks

Quality office furniture such as standing desks have a whole variety of benefits to improve your health, fitness and productivity in work.

Sit-stand desks are adjustable so you can either sit or stand at them – whichever you need at that moment in time. Designed to accommodate your needs in terms of both comfort and functionality, sit-stand desks are an innovative way of improving your health, mood and overall efficiency.

Health and fitness

As we’re all aware, sedentary lifestyles have been linked to all sorts of health problems. Unfortunately, many modern careers involve a lot of sitting around. Office workers, for example, may sit for hours a day as part of their jobs. Lots of people attempt to counteract this by going to the gym of an evening, or going for a run. However, evidence suggests that these relatively short spurts of strenuous exercise are not enough to counteract the negative effects of sitting during the working day.

Fortunately, it seems that standing whilst at work can help this problem and therefore sit-stand desks can help too. Whilst it is not clear exactly how standing helps (other than the obvious increase in calories burned whilst standing), we do know that it decreases risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity.

Another benefit of standing whilst at work is that it relieves back pain. Standing relieves pressure from your lower back, meaning that many people with back troubles due to sitting for extended periods could benefit from a standing desk.

Improve productivity

In the workplace, sitting down for long periods of time can cause people to feel drowsy and as a result of this become less productive in their work. Again, quality office furniture such as sit-stand desks seem to be one answer to this problem.

Everyone knows that standing up makes you feel more alert – and as a result you become more productive in your work. It is for this reason that many employees are seeking sit-stand desks and many employers are providing them. In addition, it has also been found that standing whilst working improves concentration and can even reduce headaches! This makes people more focused and generally happier, which helps improve the quality of work completed.

Additionally, holding or attending meetings in a space furnished with sit-stand desks not only looks creative, but increases creativity in employees who are healthier, more alert and more awake.

But don’t worry if you need to sit down: the tables are also easily altered for people or tasks that require a sit-down space.

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