Desks don’t have to have 4 legs

When we think of desks we imagine a 4 legged rectangle – the typical desk set-up. But does that mean we should settle for the ordinary? Nowadays, with the modernisation of office furniture, we have so many styles to choose from which can seem a daunting task. Which one is right for me? What style should I go for? Is it suitable? That’s where we come in.

With our highly trained team of consultants, we’re here to help you make those decisions and guide you through which desk is most suitable for your needs. You may think ‘it’s just a desk’ but if you imagine most people spend more time at their desk than in bed – typically 8 hours a day – why not choose something pleasing and comfortable. You can have great style and still stay within budget.

Air-leg desks

Our creatively designed Air-styled leg desk, with crossover framework, is new for 2015. It’s still highly practical, yet brings a vibrant design element into the workplace. With a variety of top and leg finishes available at a reasonable price, this style is our recommendation for those wanting to marry practicality and design.

O- leg or A-leg desks

Our popular O-leg or A-leg frame desks, offered in singular or bench desk systems, are a great space-saving solution, but also bring a modern design twist.

And for those who would still prefer a more traditional choice, we have an extensive range of office desks in the more classic 4-leg desk style.

And all the extras

But why stop at desks? Have you also considered a modesty panel, desk mounted screen or even cable management to go with your desk? Our Perspex screens are available in a variety of bright colours, bringing extra vibrancy to your workplace.

Research shows that employees with creative, modern office furniture work 20% more productively, than those in dull and boring workplaces. Overall, this can make a massive impact on the growth of your business.

Time to invest in a bit of designer style?

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