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Is it cupboard love or the real thing?

Is it cupboard love or the real thing

It’s an office cupboard right? A bit of extra storage space. So what is there to get excited about? Well, not all office cupboards are made the same. 

Bespoke office cupboards

What if you could customise your office storage solutions for your exact space and storage needs, as well as the design look that you wanted?

What if you could choose not just the depth and the width, but also:

  • – the door – continuous, none, glass or colour shutters
  • – the organisational elements – hanging file frame, slide-in buns, suspension rods…
  • – the finish – pearl white, oak, cherry, walnut, pine, black – and there’s more
  • – the handle type
  • – the plinth and the plinth finish
  • – optional locks
  • – and those little extras that make all the difference – a sound-absorbing back panel or soft stop doors…

Now that’s an office cupboard with a difference!

Versatile office storage

So you might be thinking: “That’s all very well, but what if I invest in new office furniture and then we outgrow the space, redesign it or even move offices? Will I then need different office storage? Will everything still fit?”

If that is a genuine consideration for you, there are a couple of solutions you could think about.

These ranges of smaller and larger units can be standalone or stacked – creating a truly customisable solution. If your space changes, you can just deploy the units in different parts of the office. Or you can add to them and create a partition in a more open-plan environment. They offer huge versatility.

And then, there are mobile storage units.

Highly practical – the benefit of any mobile storage solution is that it can be tucked away – out of sight – and then wheeled to any part of the office when in use.

And all the extras

Pull-out suspension filing frames, lateral filing frames, shelf dividers, pigeon hole storage, pull-out reference shelves… there’s so much to choose from!

You probably thought you knew what you wanted from an office cupboard? Right? But, maybe, just maybe, you are now re-thinking your options…

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