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This week at Meridian Office Furniture sees the launch of the dynamic and innovative Narbutas ‘MOTION’ bench desk which provides a smart solution for a healthy, efficient and active workplace.

With the average hours spent sitting down at work increasing to over five, employers and employees need to consider the impact that sitting in one position for prolonged periods of time can have. Sitting in one position not only impacts the human body but also affects employee well-being and concentration. Narbutas aim to change this with their invention of the ‘MOTION’ bench desk which encourages employees to easily adjust their position from sitting down to standing to enhance concentration and productivity.

Flexible Smart Desk Solution 

The ‘MOTION’ electric height adjustable bench desk is a smart solution which is flexible to the user’s needs; whether a dynamic, creative and collaborative office environment is required, or an independent acoustically comfortable and calming atmosphere is desired.

Electric Height-Adjustable

The user-friendly desk solution can easily be adjusted to the user’s height ranging from 700-1200mm. To further ensure ease, the built-in memory function allows the user to store up to 3 of their favourite positions. Users can also adjust the height of the desk via Bluetooth wireless technology connected to a smart device (suitable for Android and iOS systems.)

 Smart Cable Management

With the number of open space offices rising, the ‘MOTION’ desk includes fixed height acoustic screening which allows users to gain control over acoustics in what may be a chaotic environment. Understanding that offices are opting for a more open floor plan, the ‘MOTION’ devotes attention to smart cable management, offering various which can ensure a neat office look is maintained.

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