Say hello to Meridian Office Furniture

Did you know that CEKA and the Office Furniture Company were part of Meridian Office Group?

We felt it was time to make that clearer. So now, two have become one!

We still stock the same great office furniture products, offer the same quality guarantees and are committed to providing the best customer service… just under a shiny new brand name: Meridian Office Furniture.

But that’s not all…

With our brand new name comes…

…this brand new website: with a stylish new look, which is easier to use and has even more office furniture brands to choose from. And, of course, is mobile responsive.

So, whether on your desktop, mobile or tablet – you can browse our website with ease.

And finally, we’ve changed our telephone number to: 0333 3448 774.

Why? Simply because we don’t want you to pay extra to get in touch.

Whether you call from your mobile or landline, with an 03 number you’ll only pay national rate. And, if you have inclusive minutes – your call will be free.

And if you dial the old number by mistake? Don’t worry, you’ll still get through!

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