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The Importance of Creating a First Impression

The Importance of Creating a First Impression - Reception area with sloping ceilings and blue walls. White reception desk with bright green feature panels.

The Importance of Creating a First Impression

When was the last time you considered the appearance of your reception area? This space is often the first impression that customers and clients receive of your business, but many organisations neglect to give it the care and attention that it deserves.  

 The right reception desk or waiting area can transform how individuals view your company. However, it can also help to set the tone for work as employees pass through it in the morning, too. What is the importance of creating a first impression and how can you make a positive impact on your visitors? We thought we would take a closer look… 

 Why you should make a good first impression  

 No matter whether you are a start-up or a global corporation, creating a positive first impression is essential to your success. Creating a warm and inviting reception area helps to convey your professionalism, highlighting to existing and new clients that you are there to help them.  

 That first impression will also help your brand to stand out from your competitors and set the tone of your business. You want to ensure that you impress all visitors from the moment that they enter your office, working to make them feel comfortable and welcome.  

 The more comfortable customers are with your brand and the more they feel like you care, the more likely they are to continue to use your services 

 How to create a welcoming reception area  

 There can be no denying the importance of creating a strong first impression on visitors, but how can you ensure your reception area is impressing your guests? We have helped transform hundreds of customers reception areas, so we have put together some of our top tips: 

  1. LayoutThe first thing you want to consider is the layout of your reception area. This is something that we do with every client, such as the recent project with Purdicom, and it helps to set the tone for all visitors. When creating a layout, you want one that is clean and uncluttered, giving guests the space to move around without feeling that the room is crowded. However, you also want to ensure that you have enough seating and storage with Wifi and connectivity for any visitors.
  2. Furnishings – When you have your layout, your next consideration is to ensure that you are using the very best furnishings that you can. We only work with the very best suppliers, ensuring that all office furniture, artwork and décor are working together to create the very best first impression on visitors.
  3. Branding – Your reception area is a reflection of your company so good office design and space planning is a must, as you also want to ensure that yours is accurately matching your brand identity. Whether it is incorporating your logo, using your brand colours, or reflecting your ethos, make sure that you are creating a positive and instantly recognisable space.
  4. Long-lastingYour reception area will face a lot of foot fall, so you want to ensure that your flooring and furnishings, as well as your office refurbishment, can withstand frequent use without wearing away too quickly. You will also want to ensure you are using mats and coat racks to ensure any wet outerwear can be stored safely without impacting your furniture. 

 Ready to transform your space? 

 If you are looking to create the very best first impression on your visitors and create a beautiful, inspiring, and inviting reception area, then Meridian Office Furniture is here to help you. We pride ourselves on creating creative and practical workspaces tailored to meet your needs.  

 If you need any further advice or guidance on equipment for sitting or standing at work, or you or a member of staff have any specific issues, then please contact us to arrange a call or no obligation visit so we can advise on the best solution for you.  

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