Who wants a Google style office?

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What is it that makes everyone want a Google style office? Is it the funky furniture? Is the open plan design? Or is there an assumption (or hope) that if we have an amazing workplace we will achieve similar success?

In reality it probably is a bit of all of these reasons for many businesses. So what Google office benefits can you achieve even if you don’t have a Google sized budget?

By updating furniture you can make a positive impact on your business without breaking the bank.

1. Attract the right employees

Google look to attract the very best in their field and their offices have become the aspirational goal for many career seekers.

There is no doubt that a well-designed office – one that is fit for purpose – can be an attractive proposition to potential employees. The very best people can be harder to attract and retain but recent research has shown that great work environments are a really important consideration for job movers. So first impressions are key – both to prospective employees and clients – read our previous article here.

What can you do?

• Improve reception furniture – choose colourful sofas or chairs.

• Brighten your meeting rooms – paint the walls a more vibrant colour or choose new meetings tables and chairs.

• Choose modern bistro style stools and tables for break out areas.

2. Motivate and value employees

Google want to ensure they retain the experts they attract and there is no doubt working in such cool spaces is going to be hard to beat.

A lovely workspace really can be the difference between an employee feeling valued or not. If a company is prepared to invest in some new funky chairs, a fresh coat of paint or better-organised storage, it can have a motivational and invigorating effect internally.

“The British Council of Offices produced a similar study in which they found that office workers prefer funky fit outs rather than traditional ones with 60% of people stating a funky office refurbishment increased their productivity.

Show you care by offering your employees:

• new extending standing desks – the healthier choice

• the best ergonomically designed office chairs

Or better still ask them what would improve their space.

3. Improve productivity

Google has designed its workspaces to complement a particular way they like to work and this actually works for them.

However the open plan model is definitely not for every type of business. Employees are reported to be far more “satisfied” if their workplace requirements are met – some need a quiet area for focus, or a fun, inspirational area for ideas and creativity or a closed boardroom for confidential client meetings.

The Center for the Built Environment finds satisfaction is directly linked to self-reported productivity: for each 15% increase in satisfaction, productivity improvement was reported to increase by one to four percent.

The most productive spaces use design, layout and furniture that fit the company’s brand, it’s culture and business activity – we can’t all be Google after all! So choose appropriate furniture for specific workspace areas and you will be likely to see an increase in productivity.

How to do it without a Google budget

What most businesses really want is to create a bit more of a positive impact within their workspace and this can be achieved with smaller budgets;

• Invest in a couple of stand out pieces of furniture for visual impact

• Upgrade employees chairs to show you care

• Improve storage areas to rid of clutter and streamline working practices

You’ll be amazed what a difference it can make.

If you require help with the space planning in your workplace then contact us on 0333 3448 774 for a chat and to arrange a free workspace audit.

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