Reduce noise pollution for better office environments.

Using our extensive experience of office furniture and office acoustics and our understanding of space planning and office design, we will collaborate closely with you to reduce the noise pollution within your office. It is well known that employees who work in acoustically comfortable environments produce higher-quality work, and overall, have improved wellbeing.

Why has office acoustics become a problem?

Many modern offices are designed using an open plan layout and for good reason, as this type of space is ideal for building staff relationships, collaborating on projects and making all staff approachable.

However, with the considerable size of some open plan offices, the noise within these spaces can reverberate across the workplace, creating a distracting environment to try to work in. This is exacerbated by modern office equipment causing less ‘white noise’ that used to help to dampen the background disturbances.

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Improve your office environment

We have helped 100’s of companies improve their office acoustics creating a better environment and happier teams.

Wall and Ceiling Mounted Acoustics

When considering office acoustics, sound absorbing panels to the ceiling are a great starting point. These panels hang just below the ceiling, whether it’s solid plasterboard, a concrete soffit, or a suspended ceiling. They serve a dual purpose by enhancing acoustic performance and providing aesthetic opportunities. Available in various shapes, colours, and even with artwork printed on them, these panels seamlessly blend into your office space. They offer not only improved acoustics but also an additional layer of office design.

Additionally, you can enhance your office acoustics further with sound absorbing panels fitted to the wall. By using matching or contrasting shapes, colours, and designs, you add another dimension to your office while minimizing background noises. These panels are especially useful in spaces with restrictive ceiling heights.

Geometrically shaped fabric wrapped burnt orange panels suspended from a ceiling over a long boardroom table.
Multi coloured fabric wrapped acoustic panels fitted to the wall in various shapes.

Desk Mounted Screens and Space Division

To enhance acoustic protection in your workspace, incorporating desk mounted screens or free standing screens is highly effective. These provide dedicated workstations or semi-private areas. Acoustic desk dividers effectively break up open spaces, fostering more fluid and multifunctional environments. Like other acoustic solutions, these screens come in diverse shapes and colours, enabling you to accentuate specific office designs, incorporate branding elements, or create zones within your office.

For hot desking or co-working spaces, it’s beneficial to create isolated individual workspaces that offer privacy for shorter periods between meetings or appointments. Similar to the above, these acoustic workstations can be customised with various shapes, sizes, and finishes to integrate into any given space. This customisation ensures that you can optimise your office layout while providing acoustic performance for enhanced productivity.

Acoustic workstations with grey acoustic screens to three sides, amber oak desktop and white metal work.
Grey acoustic space dividing blocks set within an industrial workspace. Woman sitting within the enclosed meeting area.

Booth Seating

In open plan offices, alongside screens, incorporating booth seating or collaboration seating can be highly beneficial. These additions help in breaking up the space, providing breakout areas, and facilitating informal meeting spaces. When used effectively, these sounds absorbing panels / meeting table options contribute to the creation of a welcoming and well-designed working environment that caters to the needs of both staff and visitors. They strike a balance by offering comfortable spaces without causing distractions or being easily distracted, thereby promoting productivity and collaboration.

Booth seating and collaboration seating serve as versatile solutions for fostering a sense of privacy and creating designated areas for collaboration and focused work. By strategically placing these seating arrangements throughout the office, you can optimize the layout and encourage a dynamic and engaging work atmosphere.

Acoustic booth with oak curved wood panels, oak table top and light green seating. Acoustic fluted acoustic panels over in dark grey.
Booth seating in a purple fabric with light grey to top panels. Three side to surround a table top that slides side to side to allow access.

Acoustic Pods

While not all working environments can accommodate large or separate meeting rooms, there are still options to enjoy private conversations or meetings within an open-plan office. Acoustic pods have gained popularity over the years as they create quiet and confidential spaces within such environments. These pods offer the advantage of being fully demountable and relocatable, allowing flexibility in their placement.

Moreover, they present an opportunity to enhance the overall design and aesthetics of your workspace. With acoustic pods, and smaller office phone booths, you can escape from the noise of the office and find a dedicated area for a confidential call, focused discussions or meetings, even in limited office spaces. Their versatility and ability to improve the working environment make them a valuable addition to any office or organisation.

Image of an acoustic pod with rose and grey internal panels and grey external fabric panels. Single glass door.
High meeting table in Light Oak with building in wall mounted monitor within an acoustic pod.

Sound Masking

Surprisingly, an effective solution for improving acoustic quality in an office space involves introducing a background level of noise to replace the distracting sounds of PCs, air conditioning units, and printers. Sound masking systems are designed to make these noises blend in with the overall background noise in the office, minimising the area around each individual that is affected by distractions.

These systems can be discreetly concealed behind a suspended ceiling and can be controlled and adjusted to achieve the desired level of noise masking in any given office environment. What’s more, these systems offer great flexibility as they can be relocated and repurposed for other spaces within the office. By utilising sound masking systems, offices can benefit from a versatile and customisable acoustic solution.

Technical drawing showing the speaker arrangement in a suspended ceiling for a sound masking system.
Technical drawing showing the electronic set up for acoustic sound masking.
Office image show various facets of an office refurbishment including bench seating in light orange, a coffee table in white and glass partitioning.

Office Refurbishment

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Image of an reception in a converted barn with a grey reception desk, orange hanging lights and booth seating against a forest wall scene.

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Display Screen Equipment

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