Bench Desk - Office Furniture in Milton Keynes - The Parks Trust

The Brief

Office Furniture in Milton Keynes, Bucks – The Parks Trust

After many years in their current office building, The Parks Trust found themselves in need of additional staff for one of their departments within their operational offices. During the initial office design and space planning stage, it became apparent that the existing workspace layout might not offer the required flexibility to accommodate the expansion and may require the company to move offices.

Given that an office relocation was not the preferred option, we were approached to conduct a thorough review of the office area and suggest potential solutions. Our recommendations encompassed a range of options, including minor adjustments to the existing office furniture layout through to a complete overhaul of the space to accommodate a fresh and reimagined arrangement.

Sit Stand Desk - Office Furniture in Milton Keynes - The Parks Trust
Acoustic Booth - Office Furniture in Milton Keynes - The Parks Trust

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of different office design options, The Parks Trust opted for a complete overhaul of their office furniture, removing their current ‘space hungry’ furniture. In order to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the available alternatives and to ensure that any proposed arrangements fully met their needs, we arranged visits to various showrooms.

Following the design process, we successfully expanded The Parks Trust’s staff capacity from 50 to 64 members while incorporating two new acoustic office pods, additional office storage, and updated cable management for the office desks. Additionally, the solution introduced sit-stand desk facilities to promote a more flexible and ergonomic workspace, fostering a healthier work environment.

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