How important is an ergonomic chair

To many of us, a chair is a chair – we sit our bottoms on it and that’s about it. However, contradictory to popular belief, a chair should be our most important consideration in an office environment, as it’s what we spend most of our time – literally – on.

How many of us suffer from back cramp, spinal ‘twangs’ or sore muscles from sitting on a chair for an average of 8 hours a day? Many of us tend to look firstly at the cost, but why would you put the price of a chair before your health?

Improve your posture

To help improve your posture, ensure comfort and support movement, the Shape 2 is our most highly recommended ergonomic office chair.

Go for style

And just because a chair is ergonomic doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish and modern as well.

There are many office chair designs we can supply in different materials, such as leather or mesh, that still offer a supportive, ergonomic framework.

And just because you are tall, doesn’t mean there isn’t a chair to suit either.

If you are 6 ft. tall or more and struggle with cramped legs and a chair that leaves you feeling uncomfortable… well the struggle is over. The answer is a seat slide!

A seat slide function, matched with height adjustment on an office chair, allows for a user to move the seat forward and up, allowing for more space for the thigh length – suiting your individual height needs.

Think about your wellbeing

Ergonomic office furniture is also an important consideration in many health and safety office assessments, so have a chat with your appointed welfare officer about the best options.

At the end of the day, supplying your employees with comfortable and ergonomic office chairs will not only promote wellbeing but also help improve concentration in their work, thus boosting company productivity and performance.

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