The Benefits Of Incorporating Wood Into Your Workplace

The Benefits Of Incorporating Wood Into Your Workplace - Wooden desks with painted walls and wooden slat features

With the ‘Great Resignation’ showing no signs of slowing down, it has never been more important for businesses to nurture the wellbeing of their employees. While there are many ways that you can do this, upgrading your office furniture is likely not the first thing that springs to mind.

However, utilising the right materials and design in your workspace can transform your office, enhance productivity, and boost employee wellbeing. Research has shown that the use of natural materials, and in particular wood, can calm individuals and keep them focused.

There are a wide range of benefits to incorporating wooden and natural products into your office, including:

Improves happiness

One of the biggest benefits of utilising natural materials such as wood for your office furniture is that it can significantly improve the wellbeing of your team. Bringing a sense of the outside into your workplace has been shown that it helps to create a greater feeling of wellbeing. Research by the Canberra University found that 82% of workers who had eight or more wooden surfaces in their workplace were considerably happier.

Boosts health

Alongside improving overall happiness and mood, the use of wooden furniture has also been shown to boost employee health. One of the first studies into the use of natural material, Biophilia Hypothesis by Edward Wilson, found that using wooden furniture led to fewer sick days, less illness, and even faster recovery from sickness!

Experts believe this is due to the natural warmth that wood is able to evoke, helping to lower blood pressure and heart rate and alleviating overall stress.

Maximise productivity

Another major benefit of incorporating wood and natural office furniture into your workplace is that it can help to enhance the overall productivity of your team. When your team are happier, healthier, and less stressed, their output will be higher.


Of course, incorporating wooden office furniture is not just beneficial for your team. The material is also one of the most sustainable options on the market, and as the focus on sustainability and eco-friendly materials becomes more important, this is a vital step in helping you to reduce your carbon footprint and boost your green credentials.

This is a very important factor when it comes to attracting new clients and customers, with CSR being one of the most important factors in the modern world. However, showcasing your business as sustainable is not just about securing new clients. Research has shown that young workers are increasingly opting for those businesses that are taking steps to improve the world around them rather than those which are just paying the highest. So if you want to continue to attract the very best talent, opting for natural products for your office furniture can yield big advantages.

Looking to incorporate more natural materials into your workplace?

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