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Reception desks – standard or bespoke

Reception desks - standard or bespoke

Reception desks are often the first thing your customers/clients see, so it’s important that you create a good first impression. It is also important that your reception desks are practical and receptionist friendly – with appropriate writing and storage space – helping to maintain or increase efficiency. 

There are many reception desk choices available and, if they don’t entirely meet your needs, you can also opt for a bespoke reception counter. A bespoke solution means you will be involved in the design process, giving you greater freedom to choose from a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours

Choosing the colour

Colour is an important consideration and needs to portray the brand ethos of your company. A company that wishes to reflect a modern, young attitude might opt for bright block colours for instance, whereas a more serious company might opt for more subtle tones.

Bespoke solutions are ideal if you want greater personalisation of your reception counter to reflect your company brand guidelines, enabling you to align with the colours in your corporate literature and/or incorporate your logo.  

You may also wish to tie in with the colour of any seating in the reception area.

Choosing the size

Planning the space is key: you need to consider an appropriate size of reception counter for the reception area available. For example, in a smaller space, you don’t want your reception counter to be too overbearing. It is also important that your customers/clients can navigate the area with ease and that there is sufficient space for seating/coffee tables, as well as the display of your corporate literature.

Perhaps less obviously, height is also a consideration. If you are choosing a counter that is quite tall then you’ll need to ensure that your existing office chairs are adjustable to the same height.

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