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Acoustics in Offices

April 10, 2019 Many modern offices are designed using an open plan layout and for good reason, as this type of space is ideal for building staff relationships, collaborating on projects and making all staff approachable. However, with the considerable size of some open plan offices, the noise within these spaces can reverberate across the...[Read More]

How to choose the perfect desk for you

Whether you’re refurbishing several offices or simply adding workstations to one room, the office desk is one of the most important pieces of furniture to consider. They come in all shapes, sizes and styles, so there is a lot of choice,  but don’t make choosing one a chore… Here’s a look at the main considerations to help make your...[Read More]

The art of good office design and space planning

When designing an office, it’s important to consider aesthetics as well as functionality. Before you can create the perfect space, you need to focus on a few key factors like space planning, furniture size, colours, meeting areas to maximise the room’s potential. Here are top four tips to helping you master the art of good office design:...[Read More]

Optimising your workstation with quality chairs & desks

Office workers spend most of the workweek sat in a chair at their desk. Bearing in mind this is roughly around eight hours a day; a comfortable and well-designed workstation is imperative for a healthy, productive workforce. When considering suitable office equipment, ergonomic springs to mind. Lumbar support, seat depth adjustment and free-float...[Read More]

Deviate to the norm - tips to transform a meeting room

Whether engaging in the formalities of a conference, or an informal discussion, meeting rooms are central to office spaces. The area is key for undergoing business conversations, such as operations strategy and employee performance. With that in mind, it’s important to create the ideal workspace.  A dynamic setting, helping concentration and...[Read More]

The 3 benefits of a sit-stand desk?

The BBC noted last week* standing desks, which enable workers to adjust their position at work, may boost productivity, improve alertness, and help maintain focus through the day. But it’s not only productivity that can be improved; sit-stand desks can also provide health benefits. Studies have shown that sitting down for long periods of time...[Read More]

The importance of acoustics in the office environment

Acoustics It is easy to underestimate the effect of acoustics on the office environment. If you get this right though, it can have a positive impact on productivity. Distractions Imagine trying to work in a space where you can hear a mug being put down over the other side of the office! This sounds extreme but is exactly the challenge we had...[Read More]

Posture and productivity - the importance of ergonomic office furniture

With many of us now spending up to 75%* of working hours sitting on an office chair at a workstation, it is more important than ever to ensure that the office provides a comfortable environment. Bad posture can cause a number of problems, including back and neck pain, which can reduce productivity. The good news is that these problems can be...[Read More]

Meridian Meet's Motion

       Meridian Meets 'MOTION' - The Dynamic Desk Solution   This week at Meridian Office Furniture sees the launch of the dynamic and innovative Narbutas ‘MOTION’ bench desk which provides a smart solution for a healthy, efficient and active workplace.  With the average hours spent sitting down at work increasing to over five, [Read More]

Meridian Furniture - The Stand Up Trend

Do you want your employees to be more productive? What can you do to improve their engagement and creativity? With the potentially harmful effects of prolonged periods of sitting now recognised, standing desks have gained in popularity.   Many studies have been carried out to support the theory including researchers at the University of...[Read More]

Who wants a Google style office?

What is it that makes everyone want a Google style office? Is it the funky furniture? Is the open plan design? Or is there an assumption (or hope) that if we have an amazing workplace we will achieve similar success?   In reality it probably is a bit of all of these reasons for many businesses. So what Google office benefits can you achieve...[Read More]

First impressions

 What is the first thing your visitors see? Your reception is the primary vision your clients have of your business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small lobby or a large corporate space but it is vital that the right first impression is created when your customers walk in. If your office and reception areas are drab and tired then it is...[Read More]

Introducing… the right conference chair for you

Conference chairs or auditorium chairs are used in meeting and training venues, libraries and education environments - and need to be both highly durable and highly comfortable. But how do you decide on the right conference chairs for your venue? And what do you need to consider?   Permanent or temporary seating The type of conference...[Read More]

White office furniture and keeping your cool

Summer in the office. It’s too hot, it’s too cold. Air con off. Air con on. Does that sound familiar? Well, we’re not setting out here to provide a solution to the ‘wars of the air con’ – although we do have a couple of sneaky tips – but there are some practical ways to keep cool in the office when the temperature starts to rise.[Read More]

Say hello to Meridian Office Furniture

Did you know that CEKA and the Office Furniture Company were part of Meridian Office Group? We felt it was time to make that clearer. So now, two have become one! We still stock the same great office furniture products, offer the same quality guarantees and are committed to providing the best customer service… just under a shiny new brand...[Read More]

First encounters of the reception kind

What do your visitors really think about your business? When they walk through your office door into your reception are they experiencing what you want them to experience? Here are ten things you can do to make sure your visitors gain a positive first impression of your reception area. Can you place a tick against all ten? 1. Smile It’s the...[Read More]

What's your agenda? Let's talk meetings

Meetings today come in all shapes and sizes. And, with everyone’s time at a premium, businesses need to ensure they keep their meeting culture from spiralling out of control. To ensure more productive use of your and your colleagues’ time around the meeting room table, here are some key questions to ask before you hit ‘send’ on that...[Read More]

Is it cupboard love or the real thing?

It’s an office cupboard right? A bit of extra storage space. So what is there to get excited about? Well, not all office cupboards are made the same.    Bespoke office cupboards What if you could customise your office storage solutions for your exact space and storage needs, as well as the design look that you wanted? What if you could...[Read More]

Let's get back to basics: your checklist for buying new office furniture

It’s that time of year again. Spring! And we all pull up our sleeves to give our homes a good old spring clean and a bit of a refresh, but what about the office? Well, you’ve cleared out the old paperwork, sorted the filing and taken the broken chair downstairs… but it all still looks a bit drab. A bit of extra storage wouldn’t hurt. [Read More]

Would you want to work here? Fit-out your office in style…

Of course, your office space needs to reflect your company culture and provide a professional environment in which to work… But with a bit of vision, the right office design and fit-out can push beyond the more ‘traditional’ approach and create a space in which everyone wants to work! A splash of colour Open-plan offices were designed to...[Read More]

Acoustic screens: for when the office chatter gets too much

Ah, the joy of open-plan offices. It’s great to have that workplace communication: the impromptu discussion across the desks about a project or even the morning catch-up with workmates on last night’s TV… But, equally, if you need to ‘switch off’ and focus, then your ability to concentrate can be seriously affected by office chatter –...[Read More]

How important is an ergonomic chair

To many of us, a chair is a chair – we sit our bottoms on it and that’s about it. However, contradictory to popular belief, a chair should be our most important consideration in an office environment, as it’s what we spend most of our time – literally - on. How many of us suffer from back cramp, spinal ‘twangs’ or sore muscles from...[Read More]

Are you planning an office refurbishment?

For some of us the dreaded ‘office refurbishment’ can mean a great deal of stress – taking up a lot of time in juggling the demands of multiple suppliers. But why do this all yourself when we can help lighten the load? We offer a complete office refurbishment solution as part of our space planning service. Our ability to deliver on our ethos...[Read More]

Desks don't have to have 4 legs

When we think of desks we imagine a 4 legged rectangle – the typical desk set-up. But does that mean we should settle for the ordinary? Nowadays, with the modernisation of office furniture, we have so many styles to choose from which can seem a daunting task. Which one is right for me? What style should I go for? Is it suitable? That’s where...[Read More]

Contemporary office furniture - revamp your office this New Year

The New Year is often a time for making a fresh start. Lots of people make a New Year’s resolution – to go to the gym more often, to stop eating so much chocolate – we’ve heard them all before. Unfortunately, many of us find these just that little bit too hard to stick to. So why not make a positive change this New Year that you can see...[Read More]

Office pods - revolutionise your office space

Are you getting the quiet and privacy you need? If not, an investment in quality office furniture – in the form of an office pod – could be just the solution. In open offices it’s often hard to hold private conversations, or get the peace and quiet to focus. Office pods not only look great, but will also deliver on acoustic environment. [Read More]

Quality office furniture - standing desks

Quality office furniture such as standing desks have a whole variety of benefits to improve your health, fitness and productivity in work. Sit-stand desks are adjustable so you can either sit or stand at them – whichever you need at that moment in time. Designed to accommodate your needs in terms of both comfort and functionality, sit-stand...[Read More]

Reception desks - standard or bespoke

Reception desks are often the first thing your customers/clients see, so it’s important that you create a good first impression. It is also important that your reception desks are practical and receptionist friendly – with appropriate writing and storage space – helping to maintain or increase efficiency.  There are many reception desk...[Read More]